If you are having difficulty with Blackboard, please use this utility as a guide to help determine where a problem might exist. Please be aware that certain combinations of browser versions, security settings, and firewalls may cause this utility to report inaccurate information.

If you have questions please contact the helpdesk at 252-328-9866 / 1-800-340-7081 or submit an Online Help Desk Ticket.

Is JavaScript Enabled?
Warning If this check fails, please enable Javascript for your browser. Without javascript enabled all other checks cannot be performed!
Is Your Browser and Platform Compatible?
Warning For a list of supported browsers and platforms, please refer to the browser and platform requirements. Firefox is the recommended browser for Blackboard@ECU. This test will issue a warning for IE in compatibility view as it is detected as IE 7.
Are Cookies Enabled?
Warning If this check fails, please enable Cookies for your browser.
Are Popups Allowed?
Warning If this check fails, please allow Popup Windows for your browser.
Is Port 80 Open?
Warning If this check fails, please open Port 80 in your firewall.
Is Java Enabled/Installed?
Warning Blackboard requires the latest version of Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Verify your installation here.
Plugin Checks
Plugin Installed Version
Adobe Flash
Adobe Shockwave
Adobe Reader
Apple QuickTime
Java No Java Support.
Windows Media Player